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Here are some of the standard rates for transcription services:

Jobs with per page rates24-36 hour turnaround
One-on-One Interview w/timecoding  - $3.00 per page
Group Interview w/timecoding - $3.00 per page
Audio only without timecoding - $2.50 per page
Jobs with per minute rates24-36 hour turnaround
As Broadcast w/timecode
(3 column format:  time code, visual description dialogue)
 - $6.00 per minute
As Broadcast w/timecode (LITE)
(time code and dialogue ONLY)
 - $4.00 per minute
B-Roll Logging - $2.75 per minute
Full ContinuityRate and turnaround
based on project.
Contact us for a quote.

Standard Delivery - 24 to 36 hour turnaround - no extra charge
Rush - 12 to 24 hour turnaround - 50% surcharge per order
Super Rush - less than 12 hour turnaround - 100% surcharge per order

Our standard rates are based on 24-36 hour turnaround.  Some orders may take longer based on size and complexity.  Our goal is to deliver in 24-36 hours, but we will let you know if your job needs extra time to complete up front.

First-time client discount - 10% off total order
Dubbing or capturing media - FREE
Digital media format conversion - FREE
VHS tape and DVD recycling - FREE
Credit Card payment through Paypal - No extra charge

Do you have questions on the rates?  Have a custom job not listed here? Contact us by phone (323) 952-8554 or e-mail and we'll be happy to discuss your needs.